Qualidigm educates providers across post-acute care settings to meet CMS quality reporting requirements.


Congress passed the “Improving Medicare Post-Acute Care Transformation Act of 2014” (the IMPACT Act of 2014) to optimize quality, consistency and cost across all post-acute care settings. This law requires long-term care hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, inpatient rehabilitation facilities, and hospices to collect and report standardized patient assessment data. To comply with the new requirements, post-acute care providers need training on data collection practices and data submission accuracy.


Under a contract with CMS, Econometrica partnered with Qualidigm over a five-year period to understand post-acute care provider training needs, develop training materials, and deliver education programs to the provider community. Education content is continually updated based on adult learning theory, new interactive tools and graphics, provider feedback, and CMS guidance changes. Training is delivered in webinar, web-based, and in-person environments.


Effective training on data collection and reporting ensures that post-acute care providers have tools to accurately collect and report the data used to improve care and cost outcomes. Standardized quality data will promote safe care transitions, transparency for patients and families, and value-based payment models.


LTCH Quality Reporting Training