The Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model has been largely touted for its benefits to the primary care setting, including lower costs, improved clinical outcomes, and increased satisfaction of patients and staff. The PCMH recognition process can require significant investment in practice staff time, effort, and resources. Planned Parenthood of Southern New England (PPSNE) sought to evaluate the value and effectiveness of the PCMH model in their Hartford, CT health center, two years post-PCMH recognition.

The overarching goal of this evaluation project was to understand the value of integrating PCMH in a traditionally reproductive and sexual health care setting and demonstrate its potential benefits and challenges.


Qualidigm worked with PPSNE to conduct a qualitative analysis to learn about the impact of their PCMH model and to help gain a better perspective of the pragmatic and intangible components of their experience implementing the PCMH model. The evaluation included a comprehensive literature review, focus groups with distinct participant groups (patients, staff, and clinicians), and key informant interviews.

Qualidigm’s research team was able to glean the reported perceptions, truths, explanations, and beliefs about the utility of implementing PCMH at a PPSNE health center.


Based on the qualitative data reported from the focus groups and key informant interviews, primary care and PCMH integration demonstrated positive impacts on both patients and staff at the PPSNE health center.

A comprehensive report of findings and recommendations was provided to PPSNE and will be used to inform PPSNE’s strategic planning and decision-making for implementing the PCMH model at other health centers. This includes sharing their success with PCMH with the network of Planned Parenthood affiliates across the nation to support PCMH implementation.

Recommendations provided in the report included exploring marketing opportunities to promote primary care services at PPSNE, as well as streamlining the appointment process.