Qualidigm is pleased to offer Lung Talk: Preventing COPD Exacerbations in Your Patients, an evidence-based educational video series for physicians and physician extenders to promote patient self-management of COPD.

This video series, comprised of ten modules, is intended for physicians, physician assistants and advanced practice registered nurses or nurse practitioners who work with patients with COPD. After viewing the series, viewers should understand the therapeutic approaches and prevention of acute exacerbations of COPD, the benefits of pulmonary rehabilitation and the impact of COPD on readmissions.

The series can be viewed on a computer in Microsoft Silverlight*, or downloaded to burn to a DVD (see right sidebar).

Module Interactive video
(with closed caption option)
English Video
Introduction video-button video-button
1: COPD Exacerbations: Can they be prevented? video-button video-button
2: Therapeutic approaches for managing acute COPD exacerbations video-button video-button
 3. Is Pulmonary Rehab right for your patients? video-button video-button
 4. Approaches to use when educating patients video-button video-button
 5. Approaches to motivate your patients video-button video-button
 6. Discussing end of life and advance care planning with your patients video-button video-button
 7. COPD and Health Reform video-button video-button
 8. What is a Care Transition? video-button video-button
 9. A Case Example: successful transitions in care for a patient with COPD video-button video-button

*Microsoft Silverlight is a free downloadable program that allows you to view the videos in several different modes and with closed captioning. To get Microsoft Silverlight, click here.

Download DVD files:


Free Educational Booklet in English | Spanish
Customizable Cover Sheet in English | Spanish

Pre/Post Test for Licensed Staff

Answer Key for Pre/Post Test

Care Transitions Checkslists

Zones to Manage COPD

Medicine Charts: Everyday Medicines | Rescue/Quick Relief Medicines

Anxiety and Breathing Cycle

Types of Breathing Techniques

Tools to Help Stop Smoking