Qualidigm is pleased to offer LungTalk: Helping Your Patients Live with COPD video series for use by nursing assistants, to help you gain a better understanding of COPD, know what changes to report to the nurse, and support your patients’ plans of care.

The video series can be viewed on a computer in Microsoft Silverlight* or YouTube for phones and devices or downloaded and burned to a DVD (see right sidebar).

Module Interactive Video
(with closed captioning)
English Video
(with Spanish subtitles)
Spanish Video English Video
Introduction video-button video-button video-button video-button
1 & 2: Understanding COPD and how patients with COPD stay well video-button video-button video-button video-button

*Microsoft Silverlight is a free downloadable program that enables you to view the videos in several different modes and with closed captioning. To get Microsoft Silverlight, click here.


Download DVD files:

Free Educational Booklet in English | Spanish
Customizable Cover Sheet in English | Spanish

Pre/Post Test for Nursing Assistants

Answer Key for Pre/Post Test

Zones to Manage COPD

Medicine Charts: Everyday Medicines | Rescue/Quick Relief Medicines

Anxiety and Breathing Cycle

Types of Breathing Techniques

Tools to Help Stop Smoking