Partnered with Abt Associates to develop a readiness assessment tool for nursing homes, in preparation for the On-Time program, which helps to prevent adverse events.


The AHRQ quality improvement On-Time program provides a strategy for preventing adverse events in nursing homes. In order for individual nursing homes to participate, requisite staff need to be trained and operational systems must be in place. Preparation for the program is often a long process, requiring a comprehensive assessment tool.


Qualidigm partnered with Abt Associates to develop a comprehensive On-Time readiness assessment tool to conduct a balanced assessment on nursing homes, determining their readiness for the On-Time QI program. The On-Time program uses electronic health record (EHR) data to make staff aware of those residents most at risk of adverse events and provides clinical decision support to generate timely risk reports, employ a multidisciplinary approach to systematic change, and offer tools for monitoring progress. A paper version was created for facilities without EHRs to track patients most at risk for an adverse event.


Nursing homes received reports based on a thorough and comprehensive assessment identified from interviews. Nursing homes not ready for On-Time were educated on how to develop the necessary skills, experience and organizational processes and culture. A variety of tools were also created, including posters, pocket cards, and other materials to use to facilitate in a meeting.