Serving Multiple Home Health Agencies

Our home health consultants work directly with home health agencies using the SMARTAUDIT® tool to collect data and improve performance.


In today’s home care business environment, home health agencies are facing increased scrutiny of their care delivery processes by state and federal regulatory bodies.  The pressure of penalties along with an increased demand to improve quality outcomes has left many home care agencies in a defensive position. 


Qualidigm’s home health consultants work directly with agencies using SMARTAUDIT®  QAPI software to collect and house quarterly clinical record review data and to generate a standard set of reports. Data on infection control, falls, and incident reports is also collated, trended and interpreted quarterly and annually.

Taking it a step further, consultants work with clients to improve performance through process and outcome audit and QAPI education. First selecting a clinical outcome for each of the three most common diagnosis groups based on diagnosis data, Qualidigm educates the staff on improving the clinical outcome (the process) and work with staff to collect outcome associated data.

Qualidigm consultants also gather OASIS-C2 data on Emergent Care and Acute Care Hospitalization and work with agencies on QAPI processes to decrease/avoid these adverse events.

As a final product, our consultants synthesize these data elements into the required Annual Quality Assurance Program Report for FY 2014-2015 for presentation to The Customer’s Professional Advisory Committee (PAC). The Quality Assurance Program Plan for the subsequent year is based on the trend analysis.