Serving Multiple Home Health Agencies

Providing state-mandated independent nurse consultant services to home health care agencies in need of changes to bring their agency into compliance.


Home health care agencies that are found negligent or are cited by the Connecticut Department of Public Health for multiple violations receive a fine and corrective action plan.


Qualidigm provides state-mandated independent nurse consultant services (INC) in these situations to “serve the interest of the department in ensuring the safety, welfare and well-being of the patients and to secure compliance with applicable state and federal law.”  As the acting independent nurse consultant, Qualidigm home health nurses oversee operations and make numerous other improvements, including acting promptly on complaints, investigating all reports of conflicts of interest, and ensuring that nursing staff report changes in patients’ conditions to physicians.


Home health care agencies are assured that a knowledgeable and skilled advisor will assist them through the sometimes complex process of reversing citations and educating staff on the changes needed to bring their agency into compliance with state directives.