Created by Qualidigm in 2006, the Connecticut Culture Change Coalition is a collaborative group who support efforts to change the culture in nursing homes to places where people want to live and work.


There has been a shift in the long-term care setting from institutional models of care, to person-centered environments. Paramount to this shift is changing the culture, and enabling nursing homes to become places where people want to live, work and thrive.


The Connecticut Culture Change Coalition (CTCCC) was established by Qualidigm in 2006, and is a voluntary, grass-roots effort by nursing home providers and stakeholders. Through developing collaborative relationships, sharing success stories and lessons learned, and acting as a liaison between stakeholders, the CTCCC drives positive changes in long-term care setting.


CTCCC offers events and free resources to assist nursing homes in implementing culture change through the sharing of experiences of Connecticut nursing homes, tools and ideas. Qualidigm maintains an active role in the CTCCC and works with the Coalition’s steering committee to provide the education at meetings. Past events have centered around LBGT matters, increase in alarms, diversity of the workforce and understanding cultural differences.