Improve conversations between patients and providers that empower patients to make better decisions about their health. The goals of these conversations are to help patients choose care that is evidenced-based and truly necessary.


Choosing Wisely® is an international clinical stewardship initiative of the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Foundation. The initiative seeks to advance conversations between health care providers and patients to reduce unnecessary use of tests, treatments and procedures.

Choosing Wisely® partners with medical specialty societies, which have provided over 550 credible recommendations, about unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures, and has engaged over 800,000 clinicians throughout the country. The campaign provides patient facing educational materials about the appropriate use of tests and procedures, while helping patients and health care providers engage in conversations around making smart and effective care choices.

Qualidigm is engaged in national Choosing Wisely® efforts and leads local convening activities in both Connecticut through the CT Choosing Wisely Collaborative and in Maine. We partner with various healthcare stakeholders throughout our communities to provide solutions utilizing Choosing Wisely® campaign concepts and materials.


Organizations engaging with Qualidigm and Choosing Wisely® receive technical assistance support and solutions to structure workflows to reduce medical overuse such as antibiotic use or advanced imaging for lower back pain. Additionally, they receive access to national Choosing Wisely® campaign materials, playbooks, learning modules, conversation guides, and guidance. Lastly, groups are provided with networking and peer-to-peer learning opportunities to meet with groups nationally who’ve achieved success using the Choosing Wisely® campaign.

Since its inception, the national Choosing Wisely® campaign has:

  • Recruited 80+ partners
  • Published over 550 recommendations
  • Distributed 200,000 “five questions to ask” wallet cards
  • Partnered with 70 consumer organizations
  • Distributed over 110 patient-friendly materials to millions of consumers
  • Has 29 grantees working with 14 Healthcare Systems
  • Over 45 clinicians recognized as Choosing Wisely Champions
  • 6,809 newsletter subscribers
  • Run over 80 webinars1