The Care Transitions Leadership Academy is an ongoing series of educational workshops for health care leaders who are committed to improving patient transitions between settings of care.


Medicare beneficiaries, typically elderly, can go from home to hospital to nursing home and back to home. Without focusing on the process during these transitions, providers can miss important information, leading to lapses and hospital readmissions. In 2012, as part of Qualidigm’s care transitions initiative, Connecticut’s established “Communities of Care” identified a need for education and knowledge-sharing among healthcare providers to stem the hospital readmissions and improve care.


Qualidigm developed the Care Transitions Leadership Academy forum, an ongoing series of educational workshops, providing training and networking opportunities for health care leaders from all settings who are committed to improving how patients are transitioned between settings of care. The Leadership Academy’s curriculum includes national perspectives on care transitions, care transition safety, best practices, essential skills for community leaders, action planning, case studies, palliative care, data sources, analysis and interpretation, and quality improvement intervention planning.


Qualidigm has now held over a dozen Care Transition Leadership Academy forums, with about 350-400 providers from across the healthcare continuum attending. During the forums, they receive ideas on innovative ways to improve their care practices.

What our clients say about us

“As a result of attending the Qualidigm’s Leadership Academy educational forum, I am inspired to improve discharge planning in our facility to help our clients gain the knowledge and resources they will need to stay healthy at home and reduce readmissions.”
Care Transitions Leadership Academy Attendee