Modified scientific content for use in web-based Antibiotic Stewardship course for prescribers.


Antibiotic use saves lives but can cause harm to patients through antibiotic-related adverse events, allergic reactions, disruption of the microbiome, and infection with antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Each year, approximately two million people acquire antibiotic-resistant infections and 23,000 people die from them. In addition to death, these infections cause human suffering and result in higher health care costs. 30% of all antibiotics prescribed are unnecessary or inappropriate. Changing providers’ prescribing patterns is needed to address antibiotic resistance and antibiotic-related adverse events.


Under a contract with CDC, Econometrica partnered with Qualidigm to modify scientific content for use in a web-based training program for prescribers. The self-directed learning contains guidance on proper antibiotic prescribing, antibiotic resistance and threats, and opportunities for improvement in outpatient, emergency departments, hospitals, and nursing homes. The course includes animated graphics and testing throughout the program. It is free of charge and prescribers who complete the course receive 8 hours of continuing education credit.


Providers who receive effective antibiotic stewardship training understand the benefits of appropriate antibiotic prescribing and the harms of unnecessary or inappropriate prescribing. This understanding can lead to appropriate prescribing and reduction of adverse events and antibiotic resistance.


Antibiotic Continuing Education