Kayla Cole, CSP-SM
Consulting Manager

Healthcare clinicians in rural areas often face unique challenges in delivering high-quality care to their patients, especially those with complex conditions. These challenges include workforce shortages, high staff-turnover, scarce resources, and limited access to specialists, all of which can lead to clinician burnout.

To help overcome these barriers, Qualidigm established the Project ECHO® Northern New England (NNE) Network. Project ECHO® (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is an evidence-based educational model developed by researchers at the University of New Mexico. The ECHO model uses videoconferencing to connect interdisciplinary specialist teams with primary care clinicians to build knowledge, confidence and skills to treat complex conditions through case-based learning, mentoring, guidance, treatment recommendations, and didactic education.

Together with the NNE Network, Qualidigm promotes the awareness and use of Project ECHO® through outreach and technical assistance.

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