As a trusted “neutral party” in the healthcare continuum, our care transitions work engages leadership from multiple healthcare settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, home care agencies, physician offices, and ambulance services on improving care delivery.

By combining insights and working collaboratively with leaders to tackle targeted care issues, our expertise is in crafting unique solutions to standardize care between providers and engage patients and their families, working toward the overall goal of reducing preventable readmissions and saving costs.

What our clients say about us

“Qualidigm holds a leadership position in the State of Connecticut in providing quality education, support and consultation to the healthcare community. I have enjoyed working side by side with the professional staff at Qualidigm and admire their creative and innovative approach. The staff maintain openness and are responsive to the needs of their audience. The bar is raised in every program they officiate. They are an incredibly gifted group!”
Kathleen Tynan-McKiernan, Yale New Haven Hospital

Featured Work

Care Transitions Leadership Academy

Care Transitions
Leadership Academy

Heart Talk Video Series

INTERACT Training for
Long-Term Care

Project ECHO: Medication
Assisted Treatment

Project ECHO: Clinical
Peer Leadership

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