I came to Qualidigm right after graduating from college. The nurturing and team-oriented environment here has allowed me to grow and learn a tremendous amount about healthcare quality improvement. Management continuously uses our feedback to make the work environment the most positive. I am incredibly grateful to work with such supportive mentors who have helped me to be successful and always advocate for me.

Abigail Dancause
Outpatient Services

I have been a registered nurse for 36 years, working in various healthcare settings. I not only care for the person I am trying to help, but I care about them. Here at Qualidigm, we all want to improve the quality of healthcare wherever the patient touches, and support each other to accomplish this mission. I am fortunate to work at a company that shares my same values and goals.

Carol Dietz
Hospital Consultant

What originally brought me to Qualidigm was frustration over the lack of standardization in care delivery. I was seeking a company that would take from my skill-set and knowledge to make improvements in care delivery, and offer me the ability to grow. During my time at Qualidigm, I have discovered a love for teaching, and an ability to connect one-on-one with healthcare staff that cares for elders. Qualidigm has provided me the education and support to affect change on a global level.

Florence Johnson
Nursing Home Consultant